It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This: The Dream Lives of Papa Madre and the Anglo­ArabAsian Brothers, is a touching memoir by veteran writer and long-time Gorge resident Sam Moses of raising his two sons from birth through mid-childhood. Moses weaves funny, fascinating and poignant stories of his various jobs (including editor of AutoWeek magazine, American Windsurfer, and even creative director at a San Francisco dotcom) into the narrative, because his kids were right there with him for the ride.
     Along with much globetrotting, the memoir’s setting alternates between Baja and White Salmon, Washington. In the introduction Moses tells readers, “You can pick up the book and put it down, lose your place and skip time and read some more, and it’ll be fine.” It’s true. And any­one who has experienced parenthood will find both laughter and tears here.

Few men divulge their parenting foibles, let alone write about them. Sam Moses takes us inside the covers of his diary to share early parenting experiences with his two boys, Maks and Tai. His demanding career and a struggling marriage make you want to wring his neck and hold his hand at the same time. Through it all he maintains an uncanny passion about the most important job of all – raising children. This book is a page turner, with laughter and tears between the lines.

In his book about raising his two sons, It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This, Sam Moses captures the joy and the terror of being a parent.  Anyone who has raised a child will recognize a man devoted to being the best parent he can be, and will also feel with him how impossible it is to always do it right.

A passionate parent is a wondrous thing and sometimes a scary thing. Sam records everything in his journal from the birth of his boys to their teenage years.  He is brutally honest about his own failings and fears, but always, his love shines through. 

Although this is a book about raising two remarkable boys, it is also a great adventure story.  Readers should expect to laugh a lot and cry a little and when the book ends, and wish for a sequel to see what happens next.